Hammer Your Injustice and Persecution!

Are you the victim of injustice? Have you or are you being persecuted?

Here at The-HYIP we understand, and we are here to help.

What qualifies us to offer help and support to you in your hour of need?

Twelve long years fighting two governments and one convoluted legal system spanning two continents, and winning!

My name is Craig Hartwell, and in 1994 I was shot and nearly killed by a rogue police office whilst living on the tiny idyllic island of Virgin Gorda in the British West Indies.

The shooter was a menace - I had done nothing wrong.

I assumed when I awoke the next day and found out that a person paid to protect me - a serving police officer - had been the one responsible for irrevocably changing my life, the path to justice would be swift.

How wrong I was.

As I endured more than forty five operations over the next dozen or so years, I would come to know only too well the phrase, 'miscarriage of justice', from my own bitter experience.

Not only was I forced to suffer the indignity of this man, this selfish arrogant aggressive man ripping my life away from me and shackling me to a lifetime of pain and medication, I had to stand by impotent while he was given a measly five years' imprisonment, of which he served barely three.

But this was only the beginning. After witnessing first-hand the lies and malicious obstruction of justice by the police authorities, as they wriggled and squirmed to try to get out of their legal responsibilities to me as an innocent member of the public, an entire year of court hearings as I shuttled back and forth at my own expense to the Caribbean in between hospital visits, I then was made to wait three long years for the judgement!

At his retirement recently the presiding judge had the audacity to claim in a press interview self-eulogising his illustrious career, that one of his guiding philosophies was, 'Justice delayed is justice denied', that famous maxim dating back to the Magna Carta.

I could only grimace as I read this from my home in England as I thought of the three desperate years he sat on my judgement, only when he finally did release it to tell me that I had lost my case against the police.

Threatened with arrest at the airport and the confiscation of my passport when I came to give evidence at one of the court hearings in the British Virgin Islands, I came to wonder at the definition of justice and the practical application of the law towards regular people like you and me.

Finally after more than a decade and four (yes four) trials, I won my case against the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force, at a hearing which took place in the Admiralty Building, Downing Street, London.

Five Law Lords (or to be more specific, four Law Lords and one Law Lady) sat and listened to the evidence for the fourth and last time.

As I sat anxiously awaiting their verdict, staring at a painting of a grave Admiral Nelson looking down upon me, who had sat as a Law Lord in that very room two hundred years before, I took comfort from the fact that the chief justice of the court was a man named Lord Craig of Hopehead.

I had been told by my wonderful barrister to listen out for two words, 'allowed', or 'dismissed'.

'Allowed' would mean that the government of the BVI had won its final appeal to have the case I brought against them as employers of the police quashed.

'Dismissed' would mean that I had won.

The preamble stuttered along. The case was outlined and the arguments summarised.

Then I heard it.


And that was that.

A decade of struggle over.

The fight of my life second only to the shooting itself finished.

And I had won.

Okay it took the government another two years to pay me any compensation, and then they had the cheek to ask for costs to be awarded against me, which the court duly ordered I pay half, despite the fact that it was they who shot me and not the other way around.

But I didn't care.

I had won.

I had beaten the system.

I sit before you now, a wiser and older man, with a burning desire to fight injustice wherever I see it.

And this, dear reader, is the purpose of this website.

To fight for you. To fight for your cause.

I am here, for you.

I will take a look at all cases you present to me.

I will consider and respond.

Some I will fight for free, some I will charge for my time and expertise - I am not a rich playboy doing this for amusement. I have the same needs as everyone - a roof over my head, clothes on my back and food in my stomach. I may even have more needs than most as I am registered as disabled by the Department of Work and Pensions in the UK due to the severity of my injuries, and the effects they still have on me today, and I am sorry to say always will.

Nevertheless I will give what I can for free.

You have heard of the 'A' team - welcome to the 'I' team, I for Injustice.

Tell me your problem, and I will tell you if and how I can help.

And if you want to know more about what exactly I know about struggle and hardship, facing it with humour and determination, and coming out the other side as a victor, just read my book, 'Gunshot In Paradise:My True Story'. A significant part of the proceeds will go permanently towards my campaign, 'Respect and Change', offering vulnerable kids a way out from a life of disadvantage through education, entertainment and sport.

Together we can make a difference, the journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step.

So let's begin...

Thank you for reading.

Craig Hartwell

You can contact me here, and I promise I will respond to any and all enquiries.

Disclaimer: Nothing that we say or do at The-HYIP can or should be construed as legal advice. We are not lawyers, and any suggestions, advice or practical help we give is given unofficially in an effort to support alleged victims of perceived injustice. No judgement is offered on the legality of such claims, and no liability is accepted for acts or omissions whether actual or implied by anyone acting on behalf of this website. It is strongly advised that should a perception of injustice or persecution be suspected, the relevant authorities be informed where practicable and legal advice sought.

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